The Albion area sleeps a little easier at night thanks to the commitment, skill, and dedication of the generous men and women of the Albion Volunteer Fire & Rescue squad.

Not only are the volunteers of the AVFD experts in emergency response, fire, and rescue, but they're also self-sacrificing, and upstanding members of the community who contribute in many ways. Our purpose is to protect, assist, and advance the safety and well-being of our beloved community. That's why we're committed to continually fine-tuning our skill set and capabilities. We do this through frequent training, monthly drills, and regular continuing education courses. Our cutting-edge facilities allow our crew, as well as a number of other area departments, to train and simulate to the best of our ability so we are prepared when out on a call or in the field. We place a high priority on learning, embracing, and implementing new techniques and the latest proven-effective technologies.

Over the years, a wide range of local events, organizations, and committees have come to rely on our involvement and stewardship. We've donated our time and expertise to everything from sporting competitions (like football games and car races) to annual celebrations (like concerts, cook-offs, and county fairs). The Albion Volunteer Fire Department is made up of many selfless, brave, and committed men and women, and Albion is safer for all because of the dedication of the few.


active members
(squad capacity: 45)
hours of yearly training
calls responded to
in 2020 (139 EMS/20 FIRE)


The mission of the Albion Volunteer Fire Department is to protect lives and conserve property by minimizing the frequency and effect of fires, hazardous materials incidents, disasters, and other like occurrences. The methods used to accomplish this are prevention, control, training, and public education. We are committed to utilizing to maximum efficiency and effectiveness all resources provided by the citizens of the Albion area and all applicable innovations at our disposal.

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Elected by squad majority vote, each officer has demonstrated extraordinary dedication and skill and has extensive experience to qualify them for their positions.


Fire Chief

Work: (402) 395-2930 ext. 2101
Cell: (402) 741-1582


Assistant Fire Chief

(402) 608-0211

Weston Ray


Taylor Nelson

Vice President

John Moeller


Whitney Paulson


Mitch Hardwick

Fire Training Officer

Mark Tisthammer

Fire Training Officer


Rescue Captain


Rescue Luitenant

Clay Thompson

Rescue Training Officer

Sara Rasmussen

Rescue Training Officer

P.O. Box 227
2580 State Hwy 14
Albion, NE 68620

Phone: 402-395-6501
Fax: 402-395-6330

Albion volunteer fire department

Interested in Joining the Department?

That's great! Read through the information on the back to
make sure you qualify for membership, and then contact
the AVFD to apply for membership.

Section 1. Any person twenty-one (21) years of age or older, who has been a resident of the City of Albion, or living within the Albion Fire District jurisdiction at least three (3) months prior to making an application, may become a member of this Department according to all the Rules and By-Laws with the approval of the Board of Control.

Amendment 1: If a member moves out of the Albion Fire District jurisdiction, but works within the District and chooses to stay an active member of Albion Fire & Rescue Department he/she shall follow all policies and procedures as set forth in the By-Laws.

Amendment 2: Any applicant from a previous department who moves into Albion Fire District jurisdiction and chooses to become a member of Albion Fire & Rescue shall be exempt from the three (3) month waiting period as outlined in Membership Article 7 Section 1.
Section 2. In order to become a member of the Fire Department, said person must make application signed by one active member of the Fire Department, to the Board of Control. Applicants shall be interviewed by the Board of Control at any regular scheduled Board of Control meeting and if accepted, shall be presented and introduced to the Fire Department at the next scheduled Department meeting.

Final approval rests with the City Council. Any member accepted into the Department must abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Albion Fire & Rescue Department.

Section 3. All new members shall serve a twelve (12) month probation period which they must attend all meetings and drills, unless excused by a member of the Board of Control. They shall attend a Basic Fire Fighting/EMS course within the first twelve (12) month period, new members must be able to demonstrate to the Training Officer(s) and the Fire Chief they are capable of running equipment and can demonstrate proper fire fighting methods/EMS skills and have a working knowledge of Department SOG's as directed by the Training Officer(s). The Board of Control must approve any exceptions to the above requirements.

He/she may be expelled from the Department by a 2/3 vote by the members present at any regular meeting, if the Department members feel he/she will not make a good member. A review committee consisting of the Board of Control, shall at the end of the new members first year, evaluate and recommend to the Department, if another period of probation is required, or to reject to accept in the Department.

Burn Permits

Burn permits for the Albion Fire District are to be obtained by contacting  the Albion Fire Chief or the Assistant Fire Chief.
Flip for more information and rules governing burning. 


1. The fire must be attended to at all times, with sufficient means on hand to control the burning, until the fire has completely burned out.   
  Burned brush, logs, and other solid materials must be covered with earth or thoroughly saturated with water before the attendant leaves the site.

2. Any area sufficient to prevent communication of fire beyond the burning site must be cleared before burning.

3. There will be no burning when wind conditions exceed 15 miles per hour or any other conditions which may exist to cause a hazardous situation.

4. Any authorized Fire Department personnel or any Law Enforcement Officer can conduct an on-site inspection and may terminate this permit at any time.

5. When a local ban on burning is put into effect by the Fire Chief, the permit will automatically be voided until such a ban is removed.

6. Open burning will be allowed during daylight hours only, and must be completely extinguished by sunset.

7. Absolutely no burning of garbage, treated lumber, or other items that may be harmful to the environment is allowed or authorized by this permit.

8. Any fire, which is allowed to get out of control and results in summoning of the Fire Department, can be subject to possible legal action.

  1. Any open burning conducted without a valid permit can be subject to possible legal action.

Nebraska State Statute 81-520.01

Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Flip for more on the Nebraska State Fire Marshal's office and their services. 

Nebraska State Fire Marshal Office - 402-471-2027 
Visit their website for more office, services, and agency information.

National Fire Protection Association

Flip for more on the National Fire Protection Association and its mission.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global nonprofit organization devoted to saving lives and preventing injury as well as property and economic loss due to fire- and electrical-related hazards.